[NEW RELEASE] Who's Still Alive? - AkumaDaikon Monthly Remix Compilation -
Who's Still Alive? - AkumaDaikon Monthly Remix Compilation - (neji-166) by Various Artist

Step right up!!! Somethin' New Satanicpornocultshop meets Polish Juke.
Polish Jukeクルーと一緒に悪魔大根のリミックスアルバムをプロデュースしました!

Remix compilation made by the materials from AkumaDaikon's Monthly Album (2013 November - 2014 October) , 21Tracks by 17Worldwide Ghettomusic Artists from Poland(Polish Juke), Germany, Ukraine, Japan and Cape Town - South Africa!!!

01 Bagno by Fidser
02 Sets Up by Lux Familiar
03 Akuma on The Dance Floor by ВАНЯ
04 Aku_reject by Dao De Noize
05 Boogie Back (Smooth Rap) by DJ Socks feat. FrosenPine
06 I don't Want I Tyakyakyak by Birder
07 Muka Da Nokia by pzg
08 akuma141206 by Skip Club Orchestra
09 Satanic Dance by Rhythm Baboon
10 Ladybug by AkumaDaikon
11 tRIBE by Klone7023
12 Under by Beardur
13 Akumateki Daikon - Where are you from? by Saeki Seinosuke
14 It is troublesome to pick the sample by Klone7023
15 The Lost Skeleton Returns Again by Satanicpornocultshop
16 ak:dk (vinylbreakmix) by Vinylman
17 No More Straightline by Beardur
18 Headhunter by Jackknifer DeeJay TORA
19 akuma daikon monthlymix by Mondo Coffee
20 $$$$$ by Beardur
21 Boogie Back (Nice Vocal) by DJ Socks feat. Frosen Pine, AkumaDaikon

Cover photograph by Vinylman
Art Direction by ugh
Mastering by AkumaDaikon


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