VA "Global Footwork Volume.1"

Catalogue number : BCR 0028.
Format : Digital.
Relase date : 05/13/2013.
Title : Global Footwork Volume 1.
Artists : DJ Phil, Sat P.M., DJ Earl, Juke Ellington, Heavee Dee, EQ Why, Fidser, DJ Hilti, Sarantis, Satanicpornocultshop, DJ Taye, Guchon, Mister Ries, DJ Curt.
Artwork : Larry Print.


サタポがフランスのjuke/ghettotechレーベルbooty call recordsのコンピレーションに参加しました。jukeをやり始めるきっかけとなったdj funkなどをリリースしているレーベルなので、そらもうエキサイティングな気分です!

Digging its origins between Chicago’s ghetto house and contemporary hip hop, footwork these last few years has established itself globally. Windy City’s genuine institution is the original soundtrack of each footwork dance battle (intense high-speed dance based on legs action), where we can enjoy the local youth performing dislocated footsteps typical of the genre.

This music has gone beyond Illinoi’s frontiers and is now composed by many producers around the globe, constantly bringing a new energy and their own version of the style regarding their own local culture.
Global Footwork Volume 1 launches a set of LP within the goal to offer a worldwide today’s of juke & footwork. For this first volume, Chicago’s scene is well represented obviously with DJ Earl, DJ Phil, DJ EQ Why, DJ Taye, DJ Curt, but also Japan with Satanicpornocultshop, Guchon, Heavy Dee, France with DJ Hilti, Belgium with Juke Ellington, the UK with Sarantis, Poland with Fidser, Nederlands with Mister Ries or the Czech Republic with Sat P.M, attesting the globalization and spreading of the style and culture.

With those 12 selected and handpicked titles that Booty Call Records intends to make you fully lives the Global Footwork experience.

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