前作「Brazil99」が好評だった悪魔大根が、はやくもnejiでの2枚目をリリース。今回は"ミュージック・コンクレート界の巨匠、ピエールアンリが1967年に発表したアルバム"Messe pour le temps present"への現代版オマージュ"!!


Akumadaikon Messe Pour Le Temps Present (in Osaka) (neji-113)

03.holy wars work shop
08.yagi hiro4
09.masuda kobushi
11.minimal bigbeat
12.papuwa bombaie
14.Thank you,sorryMatti

Papuwa Bombaie! by AkumaDaikon

Messe Pour Le Temps Present (in Osaka) -DEMO MIX by AkumaDaikon


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前置きが長くなったが、このアルバムのテーマは"ミュージック・コンクレート界の巨匠、ピエールアンリが1967年に発表したアルバム"Messe pour le temps present"への現代版オマージュ"であるという本人談をここに記させてこの文章は〆させて頂く。

It is daily life without the consideration. It is such every day that it spends with three calorie mates on 1st to reduce the food expenses. All the saved food expenses turn it to Ueki of the hobby. My height is still stopping the cactus was good, and to be brought up. I practice headbanging King who is daily work today while feeling such a dilemma.
I cannot remember whose words story of Teller was, but such a thing may do not matter. It is only to worry about whether the contents of the sand back do not leak out to be important, and, as for it, going is important for a dentist. It is "sakura" to have made the feeling a song.
Anyway, a guy called the Japanese radish is particular about only kimchi unusually. The Mr. who is the driver of the truck me already has already got tired to be able to be elaborate. I tell it about kimchi and the relationship of the shoehorn for seven hours if I open a mouth. We have too danced kazatzka by the face imitation of the match unintentionally because it was pain. As for the guy, one is crazy about the propagation of eel in looking askance at with such us. In science room. As for "ThankYou,SorryMatti", it is made the sound source that did a live recording then by the cause.
I witnessed the large-scale timpani which flew in a way back, the sky where I went to for a trip before in the Muromachi era. Because it was the first experience, I did not understand it very much, but this is God so that a passing Mongolian says, and Hiroshi Itsuki seems to be relative relations. I let I ignored the Mongolian while thinking somewhere of the heart when you should have been used obediently and drink a foot kick and left the place hastily early. The raw milk is bad to a stomach.
An introduction got longer, but the theme of this album lets you write down by person himself to be modern version hommage "to album "Messe pour le temps present" which great master of the "music conk rate world, Pierre Henri announced in 1967 here and will close this sentence.
(a commentary by Jose Yamasaki /SAKIIKA sponsorship)
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