The Compilation Of The Moment - OTSECHKA 2008
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マケドニアの音楽雑誌Otsechkaが選んだ2008年ベストディスクをミックスしたコンピレーション、「The Compilation Of The Moment - OTSECHKA 2008」が、Otsechkaのウェブサイトからダウンロードできるようになっています。satanicpornocultshopも"Takusan No Ohanasan"から1曲収録されています。

Various "The Compilation Of The Moment - OTSECHKA 2008"
Label: Otsechka
Source: - dossier/tracks
Format: MP3 - compiled track (mp3 - MB)
Country: Macedonia
Released: April 2009
Genre: Independent
Style: Various 2008
Producer: Petar Palankov
Notes: Post-production and Mix at The Living Bedroom.
Coverdesign by: Filob Zh

1. LULLATONE 'Goodnight Train' from Presents The Bedtime Beat (Someone Good)
2. BENJAMIN FINCHER 'Hollow Evening' from Face B compilation (MonsterK7)
3. SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP 'Meat Hope' from Takusan No Ohanasan (Vivo Rec)
4. KOUSHIK 'Be With' from Out My Window (Stones Throw)
5. NEMETH 'Transitions'from Film (Thrill Jockey)
6. VOLCANO! 'Fairy Tale' from Paperwork (Leaf)
7. TUJIKO NORIKO, LAWRENCE ENGLISH & JOHN CHANTLER 'Make Me Your Private Party' from U (Room 40)
8. TUSSLE 'Meh-Teh' from Cream Cuts (Smalltown Supersound)
9. BENOIT PIOULARD 'Idyll' from Temper (Kranky)
10. TAPE 'Reperto' from Luminarium (Hapna)
11. MMM 'Nakime no Uta' from Uta (Otsechka).

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