Satanicpornocultshop on Peppermill on INQ Magazine
毎回、Thinner、Acroplane、Monotonik、Kahvi Collectiveなどの素晴らしいレーベル、アーティストをポッドキャストで特集している、INQ MagazineによるMonographicシリーズをご存知でしょうか。その最新号・第35弾ではカナダのペッパーミルレコードが紹介されており、INQ Magazineが選んだペッパーミル・グレイテストヒッツのリストにSatanicpornocultshopの[Suicidal Empire]も含まれていますので、よかったら聴いてみて下さい!

*************** monographic-035-peppermill ***************

We love Peppermill. We are back in this year with the mesmerizing bunch of tracks from Peppermill netlabel. Its fantastic and cool staff based in the mountains of British Columbia have achieved to put togheter an heterogeneous, diverse, but creative and cohesive number of genres, that i wont be able to tag. Up to 10 releases right now, with some impressive compilations and promising upcoming releases. Up to 30 tracks in this mix, some unreleased material and featuring tracks from acclaimed artists such as Daedelus or Venetian Snares. The mix finishes with an special live recording at the singular festival Peppermill organizes and that takes place in the mountains of BC. Peppermill can hold any project that can demonstrate unique and interesting ideas from any part of the globe. And i certify they do it.I must infinitely thank PK for the attention and for this exclusive mix representing a sample of Peppermill work. Be prepared to rock!


1. Bangkok Starters - Crouching Cood, Hidden Soonhey [PM011 ?]
2. Terminal 11 - Birds Dazed And Confused [PM008]
3. Daedelus - A Formula For Procrastination [PM008]
4. Santosh - Bad Things [PM005]
5. Gangpol & Mit - Third Armrest Betrays Alien Origin Of New Military Plane [PM008]
6. Peter Fuhry - snippet from The Wolverine And The Bee [PM015 ??]
7. Rafter - Long Ago, A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America [PM008]
8. Venetian Snares - Peeing_Yelloq [PM001]
9. Shavora - Sweet Buns Of Mine [PM010]
10. Candy Claws - Pony Rides [PM008]
11. Grand Hallway - Henry At The Ballgame [PM010]
12. Dooderonomy - Bad For The Bears [PM007]
13. Alice Rose - Lumberjack [PM007]
14. Cube - Rampant Zoo Sex Orgy [PM001]
15. Oxygenfad - Bianca Freire Fucks A Few Fresh Veggies [PM008]
16. Dev/Null - Drinking Songs That Will Put Yours To Shame [PM008]
17. Sounds Of The Universe - track six snippet [PM002]
18. Santosh - Drink Your Rrrhum [PM005]
19. Satanicpornocultshop - Suicidal Empire [PM010]
20. Michael Mloszeski - The Road North [PM007]
21. Cualquiera - Me fui de la fiesta, dos veces [PM006]
22. Wisp - Out Of Season [PM008]
23. Populous feat. Penny - Early Humans May Have Used Makeup, Seafood [PM008]
24. Säwe - Brain Cloud [PM001]
25. Black Black - Waiting For Magic [PM012 ?]
26. The Real Tuesday Weld - Last Days On Earth [PM008]
27. Ghost Bees - Did The Red Sea Part? [PM008]
28. Man Meets Bear - Human Balloon [PM013 ?]
29. William D. Drake - One Armed Bandit [PM010]
30. Nighttime Mountaintop Festival Campfire Jam

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