The Some Bizzare Double Album Sampler

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もうすぐ、ロンドンのSome Bizzareから「Some Bizzare Double Album」という2枚組コンピレーションCDが発売されるのですが、その中から9曲を選りすぐったデジタル配信によるサンプラーがBeatportから先行発売されています。


Beatportでのサンプラーのタイトルは、「The Only Failure Is To Cease To Try ~Beatport Exclusive Sampler (男気のあるタイトルっす!)」。

収録されているのは、DJ Swamp (Odelay~Mutation期のBeckのバンドにおった人です!), Farmacia, Satanicpornocultshop, Gangpol und Mit, Auxilya, Fickle Mistress, Risque, Mr.A 40000, First Aid 4 Soulsなどの9アーティストです。


VA - Some Bizzare Double Album
SBZ099CD (8月12日発売)

COMPILATION OF NEW AND UPCOMING ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM THE LEGENDARY SOME BIZARRE! Initiated by Some Bizarre founder Stevo, this eclectic compilation collects together some of the newest electronic acts from around the world. With all tracks selected by STEVO himself, this album is a continuation of his personal crusade to expose some of the most exciting and groundbreaking music around!

Disc 1
1. Fear Of Dolls ---She Was Laughing 2. Gl1tchg0r3 ---Mental Police 3. The Grid --- Put Your Hands Together 4. Risque --- I Want Your Number . 5 Figs --- Neva Wave 4 6. Mothboy --- Movement 7.Toykult --- Chinwaggin Shit 8. Euphoric Insanity --- Jungle Cannibals 9. Misty Woods & Warboy --- Head Surfing 10. reverend Spook --- Spooz Tha Name 11. The Knobster --- The Way To Oklahoma 12. Pedro Inf --- Estratagia Da Aranha 13.Kontour --- The Kennedy Syndrome 14. Gary Lucas vs. The Dark Poets --- The Judgement At Midnight 15. Farmacia --- Estas Technicas 16. Brooklyn Funk Essentials --- Bellybuttons 17.Helios -- Heraclite

Disc 2
1. Lucid Sketchmaster --- Contact Overdose 2. Asymptote --- Megam 1 Lion Dub 3. Auxilya --- Magda 4. Fickle Mistress --- It Is Machine 5. DJ Swamp --- Worship The Robots 6. Guggi --- Safe Mouse 7..Odessa --- Oh Billies Day 8. Sgure --- Booyaka vs. Jalla 9 Circuitry Man --- Let us dream 10. Gangpol & Mit ---Balatchi Basketcha 11.. Crackdown feat..Andrea B --- Superstitious 12. Zqaty ---One More Down For The Clown 13. A Girl With A Gun --- Beep 14. Sudden Infant --- Nag Nag Nag 15. satanicpornocultshop - Closer 16. Kashiob0y --- People Food Not Dead Animals 17. First Aid 4 Souls --- -The Golden Lord's Prayer

Double CD compilation of new material unearthed by Some Bizarre founder STEVO. Features all artists releasing new albums in 2008; GL1TCHG0R3, THE GRID, PEDRO INF, ZGA, KONTOUR, THE DARK POETS and more Perfect compilation for someone looking for some of the newest underground electronic acts Double CD compilation for the price of a single album.

■発売元: Some Bizzare
■ご注文はこちら: Plastichead, UK / アマゾン / HMV

iTUNESミュージックストアで、「Some Bizzare Double Album」のプレリリース盤が「The Only Failure Is To Cease To Try」という名前で発売されました。クリックどうぞ→iTunesこちらは同名でもBeatportとは違う選曲になっていて、CDに近い内容となっていて、Satanicpornocultshopの「Closer」も収録されています。

↑なんと、UKやPan-European ElectronicのiTUNESミュージックストアでは、フロント・ページで紹介されています!
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