1月の終わりに発売になりますイタリアのカルチャーマガジン「Uovo Magazine」第16号には、d-i-r-t-yのGuillaume Sorge監修によるサウンドポストカードなるフリーCDがついてます。これにサタポも1曲(1通?)、音のポストカードを提供させていただきました! 



Uovo Magazine#16:
a free CD sampler curated by Guillaume Sorge (dirty) featuring unreleased and exclusive sonic pieces by Akron Family, Davide Balula, Felix Kubin, Joana Preiss, Kevin Blechdom & Christopher Fleeger, Matthieu Laurette, Mickey Moonlight, John Rage, Olivier Babin, Throbbing Gristle, Sébastien Tellier, Effi Briest, Discodeine, Anri Sala, Camille Henrot, Daniel Johnston, Jonathan Caouette, Le Volume Courbe, Jens Hoffmann, Nobukazu Takemura, Tarwater, Villeneuve, Zongamin, Terrence Koh, Corry Arcangel, Brezel Goring, Alan Vega, Joakim, Khan, Lullatone, Sun City Girls, Cyprien Gaillard, The Devastations, Fujya & Myagi, Etienne Jaumet, Henrik Vibskov, Satanicpornocultshop, Hanayo, Danni Lorenzen.

Uovo Magazine (available soon on the eshop) :
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Distributed by Export Press : www.exportpress.com

Sound Postcards – 39 unreleased audio messages
UOVO magazine #16, January 2008
Curated by Guillaume Sorge

01 Akron Family ‘Afternoon rain pennsylvania’ (1:03)
02 Davide Balula ‘Swedish lessons’ (1:02)
03 Felix Kubin ‘OSR#1 Vienna bathtub’ 13 9 07 (0:31)
04 Joana Preiss ‘Untitled’ (1:27)
05 Kevin Blechdom & Christopher Fleeger [Barn Wave] ‘Heehaw theme’ (1:03)
06 Matthieu Laurette ‘I am still alive 21 11 07′ (0:21)
07 Mickey Moonlight ‘Music for Responsible Reprogenetics Public Service Broadcast’ (1:03)
08 John Rage 1’00’’ (1:02)
09 Olivier Babin ‘The war of the words’ (3:34)
10 Throbbing Gristle ‘Sixty seconds @ Tate Modem’ (1:03)
11 Sébastien Tellier ‘Destination Miami’ (0:48)
12 Effi Briest ‘Girls’ Game, baker, lake inuit’ (1:03)
13 Discodeine ‘Choral’ (1:19)
14 Anri Sala ‘Untitled’ (1:05)
15 Camille Henrot ‘My way’ (1:03)
16 Daniel Johnston ‘Devil town’ (1:04)
17 Jonathan Caouette ‘Untitled’ (1:12)
18 Le Volume Courbe ‘Little death’ (1:06)
19 Jens Hoffmann/Valerio ‘Valerio never dies’ (0:33)
20 Nobukazu Takemura ‘Untitled’ (1:08)
21 Tarwater ‘Holle’ (1:01)
22 Villeneuve ‘Umbrella’ (1:02)
23 Zongamin ‘Hrhaharhtzaha!’ (1:06)
24 Terrence Koh ‘Untitled’ (0:12)
25 Cory Arcangel ‘Hello world’ (0:04)
26 Brezel Göring ‘Kinder panic acoustique’ (0:46)
27 Alan Vega ‘Love’ (1:02)
28 Joakim ‘One minute to catch up and forget’ (1:02)
29 Khan ‘Jingle’ (1:10)
30 Lullatone ‘So happy’ (1:08)
31 Sun City Girls ‘Putting Coals on the Fire’ (1:02)
32 Cyprien Gaillard/Koudlam ‘Eagles of Africa’ (3:38)
33 The Devastations ‘The data response’ (1:06)
34 Fujiya & Miyagi ‘Untitled’ (0:33)
35 Etienne Jaumet ‘Fondo rosso’ (1:18)
36 Henrik Vibskov ‘The fantabulous bicycle music factory’ (0:49)
37 Satanicpornocultshop ‘Untitled’ (1:04)
38 Hanayo ‘Untitled’ (1:01)
39 Darri Lorenzen ‘Untitled’ (1:00)
Total time: 42:34

Sound Postcards is an interesting compilation CD coming with italian Uovo magazine’s last issue, January 2008. Mostly rather short pieces, like a 21st century Miniatures sequel (the one minute tracks compilation edited by Morgan Fisher, 1980). Curator Guillaume Sorge managed to get some really big names on his ’short messages’ project (Sun City Girls, Hanayo, Alan Vega, Daniel Johnston, Throbbing Gristle, etc). Most of the tracks are snippets of sound art, only a few being proper songs (like Kevin Blechdom, Mickey Moonlight, the beautiful a capella Daniel Johnston, Cyprien Gaillard/Koudlam). Featured genres include processed voice, field recordings, computer electroacoustics, collages, laptop frenzy, electro/disco, even throat singing (by Khan). A few jokes here and there like John Rage’s one minute of silence, Cory Arcangel’s mp3 – meant to be openned in a text editor. On the other hand, french Sébastien Tellier remarkably sound like an hommage to Paul Lansky’s ‘Not just more idle chatter’ from Tellus #22 – I wonder if this was done on purpose. The Sun City Girls’ weird conversation sound like a B movie excerpt. The Nobukazu Takemura is a very cute electronic lullaby. Tarwater unexpectedly contributes a classical horn quintet (?) a la Hindemith. My favorite song title is ‘The fantabulous bicycle music factory’ (actually a funfair field recording) and my favorite band name here is The Devastations (actually processed electronic sounds). All in all, a very lively collection of tracks, never boring, often very funny. Excellent.


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